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my funky feathered friend

funky little bird embroidery, originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

BADASS BACKSTORY: so in december, my mama hosted herself a fabulous little ornament swap party. at this swap party, there was a cupcake ornament. i NEEDED to have this cupcake ornament, and so i schemed and pilfered and finally got it. i made it aaaaalmost to the end of the party with it still in my possession…then lost it to another chickadee who thought it was adorable. (i couldn’t blame her. it was super-freaking-cute.)

now, fast-forward a week or so, and i get a call from my mom saying that one of her friends from the party, a lovely lady named anne, had gone out and gotten another cupcake ornament JUST FOR ME! little old me, whom she had never met before the party, and who had done nothing to earn it. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

so, obviously, i wanted to do something nice for anne to say thank you…but the only thing i know about anne is that she likes birds. (she kept going for the bird ornaments at the party, so…) i had originally intended to attempt a little bird clutch for her, but as i am not the most adept at complicated sewing, i was a bit nervous. then i come home one night, determined to start on it, and my roommate hands me a small stack of drawings. (he does that sometimes.) and what did i find amongst them? a rad-looking little bird!

perfect! so i asked him if i could embroider it as a gift. to which he replied, “don’t you think it’s a little too creepy?”

his drawing was a little pen-on-paper thing, and it was admittedly a little morbid-looking, but i assured him that NOTHING looks creepy in bright, pretty colors. (it’s true, too.) i chose the pink to match the hoop (because i had nothing else to frame it in), and then chose a nice bright blue and green to make it pop. the fabric was just some random polka-dotty stuff i had lying around.

when i first started embroidering it, i was going to do it mostly in split-stitch with some satin to fill in, but as it turns out, my stupid red transfer pencil needs to be sharpened. the lines it left on my fabric were SO THICK that i had no choice but to stain-stitch over them. GAH! (okay, i could have just gotten a pencil sharpener, sharpened, and re-transfered on a different piece of cloth, but i am just sooooo lazy.) so, yeah, it’s almost entirely freaking satin stitch. holy crap, but it took so much longer than i’d anticipated. HA! i like the way it looks, though. the satin stitch gives it kind of a feathery texture, which works for me (since it’s a bird and all).

matter of fact, when i finished it, i realized that the transfer pencil had left some stray marks on the fabric, but i desperately did NOT want to start over, so i’ve decided that the stray marks just GIVE IT CHARACTER. and if anybody asks, that’s my story (and i’m sticking to it). so meh.

i used french knots for it’s funny little head-feathers, but other than that, it’s all satin stitch. i think it’s about three or four inches across (the hoop’s five inches, i think?). i just stitched the back closed over the frame. i didn’t cover it or anything because, thanks to the satin stitching, the back actually looks pretty neat (as in tidy, not cool-looking).

now to finish working on at least ONE of my stupid cross-stitch guitar straps (which are taking aaaaaaaaaages and aaaaaaaaaages)…


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finishing move

i finished my mama’s christmas present. so MEH! take that, universe.

i blatantly stole the idea from katie.cupcake. amusingly, i have done my own version of both projects she has there, and both are intended as christmas presents. the embroidered note i found on flickr ages ago, and i’ve just been looking for an excuse to use it (thanks, mama). but i have also made a woodcarving embroidery of initals for my dad and his wife. i’m a little butt-hurt that she apparently came up with it waaaaay before i did (gah!), but mine’s different enough that i don’t feel like a copycat. so go me, heh.

i have to say, i’m pretty pleased with it. i used press’n seal as a transfer medium/stabilizer, and it was AWESOME…right up until i needed to pull it off. i thought it’d come off wicked easy, considering how many stitches i’d put through the damn thing, which i assumed would work as a sort of half-ass perforation. but uh…yeah, not so much. actually made it waaaaaay harder to get off. i had to pick it off piece by piece with my tiny scissors and my needle. peeling out the bits between the letters was especially fun (read: i wanted to kill myself).

but whatever, it kept my lines straight and the fabric clean. i’ll take pictures later this evening, hopefully. not i just have to start working on my brother’s prezzie. on a good/bad note, my brother’s flight got wicked delayed. half-good because i now have three, almost four extra days to work on his present uninterrupted. half-bad because dammit, i want to see my little brother NOW!


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i’m a genius when i’m high

so you know how there’s always that one person in your life that you just freaking can NOT figure out what the hell to give them for christmas?

my brother is one such person. if he wants something, he buys it. unless, of course, he can’t afford it (which means there’s no way in hell i can, either). hmm…difficulties…

so whenever december pops around (lucky me, christmas and his birthday in one month…wooo), i stress about what to give him. this particular year has been giving me heart palpitations because i don’t even have the (usually preferable) option of letting him pick his own present (like with a giftcard or a visa cash card or something). i love my brother into teeny tiny pieces measured in the millions, and i swear i know him better than just about anyone else in this world, but what the hell am i supposed to make the guy for christmas?!

then, last night, as i was enjoying a leisurely evening amongst drunken friends (while we watched a crazy season-ending episode of dexter), i finally figured out what i’m going to make him!

HA! take that, stupid brain that never wants to think of things when i want it to! (seriously. if i need a specific word or recipe or phrase, my brain thinks it’s hilarious to just stop all functions and watch me sputter…not cool, brain. not cool.)

i don’t want to ruin everything by sputtering my idea all over the place immediately, because i have a rancid tendency of totally jinxing myself, but i am quite pleased with my idea. and for once, i’m pretty sure he’s actually going to LOVE it. now i just have to figure out hoooooow to make it. huh.

anyways, work is slow, so i’m working on one of my mom’s two gifts (both embroidery pieces based on her favorite children’s books, which she will also receive). what i NEED to do is get some damned pictures taken and post them up so i feel like a real, live, honest-to-goodness crafty blogger. until then, i’m really just all talk, aren’t i? (and lots of it, too. meh.)

back to work now!

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going for broke

for christmas this year, i asked santa for a job. oddly, he acquiesced just this once (albeit after nearly nine months of waiting, the lazy fucker). the only downside is that i won’t actually receive my first paycheck until after christmas. so, for the first time in nearly fifteen years, i am forced once more to craft all of my christmas presents. (insert horrified shriek here.)

i have, as a direct result, been learning how to cross-stitch, embroider, loom-knit, screenprint, and sew. so far, i have one item completed out of about fifteen. yeah, no way in hell they’re all getting done in time. luckily for me, only three of them actually have to be completed by christmas. the rest are for my dumbass friends (all dudes in their mid-to-late twenties), who couldn’t care less when they get their gifts, so long as they get gifts. (boys are so easy to please.)

aaanyways, since i’ve finally managed to get off my lazy ass and start crafting (something i’ve been meaning to do since i hit some strange domesticity phase a couple of years ago when i started baking for, and cleaning up after, my ridiculous male roommates), i figure i might as well satisfy my own selfish desire for attention by posting my (very slooooooow) progress online. that way, i can keep track of all the weird shit i make, even if i’m dumb enough to give it all away.


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