“love you forever”

“love you forever” embroidered letter, originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

if you haven’t read love you forever, you need to. it’s the sweetest little children’s book ever. i thought it was one of my mom’s favorite children’s books, but i guess i made that up.  :o)  i’ve been dying for an excuse to embroider paper, and this was just the opportunity i was looking for.

i used press’n seal as a makeshift transfer medium and stabilizer, after having read (on craftster) about another woman using it for embroidery. i stuck a piece of press’n seal to a sheet of ruled paper and traced all of the lines (even the three holes). then i peeled the ruled paper away and stuck the press’n seal to the piece of white cotton i wanted to embroider. then i wrote the quote i wanted to use onto the press’n seal, shoved it all into an embroidery hoop, and started embroidering. i did the text first, then i just did whatever lines were in the hoop. when i finished everything in the hoop, i moved it over and did another section.

it’s hard to tell, but if you look in the bottom right-hand corner of the “page”, i used cursive lettering to alter two of the ruled lines so that they read “christmas 2009”.

it took a long time to do, but it was incredibly easy to stitch. the hardest part was removing the press’n seal after i was done. while it was amazing for transferring and as a stabilizer, it wasn’t very easy to remove. i had assumed that all of the stitches would act as a sort of perforation, making it easier to remove the press’n seal. NOT SO. in fact, i had to pick it off with a needle and small pair of scissors because my stitching was so close together. peeling it away also loosened a lot of the stitching along the edge, but it wasn’t too bad.

once i finished removing the press’n seal, i cut the fabric down to size and put it in a floating frame. i taped the book to the front of the frame before i wrapped it, so that my mama would see the book first, then the embroidery. good thing i did, because i found out that she’d never read the book!

she liked it, though. there were many tears. (good tears!)

this is what it looks like in the frame:


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  1. 1

    Tara said,

    I love this! I think I may steal some of your idea. This was one of my mom’s favorite books when I was a kid. I remember her reading it to my brother and I and later on my sisters. Her birthday is coming up so I think I may try to make something similar to this for her, although the idea of embroidering all those notebook lines seems a bit daunting!!

    • 2

      fingerpistol said,

      do it to it! my advice is this: DON’T use press’n seal. (at least, not for this project. it is just sooo frustrating to remove afterwards.) and don’t let those (many, many) lines daunt you, they’re really the easiest part! sure, it’s a little tedious, but they’re just straight lines. a simple backstitch will do it, and you can zone out while you work (i watched looots of tv). the project will probably take longer than you expect, so give yourself enough time to complete it. i think it took me about a week, but i was only working on it a couple hours a night, and i was using much smaller stitches than i usually do. if you have any questions, i’m no expert, but i’m happy to help!

  2. 3

    glendasikes said,

    That turned out really nice, and I like how you framed it.

    Thanks for the feedback about the Peel-n-Stick — I abhor anything remotely stabilizer-ish because the picking out of stabilizer with tweezers & itty bitty scissors just isn’t worth all the cursing, not to mention I hate how it inevitably loosens stitches.

  3. 5

    Felicia said,

    I love this, you did a fantastic job! I want to make one for my honey for V-day. I am wondering if I have enough time though. I was thinking about machine stitching the lines but I like the handstitch. I am wondering if I could just starch it or something to stabilize.

    • 6

      glendasikes said,

      Felicia, I’m not sure what you have in the way of craft stores in your area, but I found a stiff-ish canvas square (8×8 or 10×10 or something like that) of fabric at Hobby Lobby, I think it was in the area where they sell totes & canvas bags you can decorate (in other words, not in the fabric section). I used it to stitch something up for my mom last year and LOVED the stiffness of it. It obviously had some kind of sizing on it to make it stiffish.

    • 8

      fingerpistol said,

      you genius! how did i not think to machine stitch the lines?! LOL, that’s kinda funny. that would have been SOOO much easier (and faster!), but did it ever once occur to me? no, of course not. because i am ridiculous.


      did you make your honey one for Valentine’s Day? i’d LOVE to see what you made!

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