fluffy platinum record

fleece platinum record (framed), originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

i woke up at 9:30am on christmas eve and didn’t go to sleep until about 9:30pm on christmas day. why, you ask? because i am retarded and have no concept of time, distance, or any other form of measurement. (you think i exaggerate? no. i wish.)

i started my brother’s christmas present the weekend before christmas (immediately after finishing my mama’s christmas present), but just didn’t have enough time to work on it because of work. thankfully, we got christmas eve AND christmas day off. less thankfully, that wasn’t quite enough time.

i worked on this thing all damn day, then all evening, and then all night and into the morning. i was supposed to be at my mom’s at 9:00am for christmas presents on christmas day, but i had to call her at 8:30am to let them know i was going to be about an hour late.

aaaaanyways, this was my little brother’s christmas present. my little brother is easily one of the single most talented people i have ever met in my life. he can draw, sing, play piano, write music, cook, and about a million other things. on top of this, he is ridiculously charming and good-looking (i have this on good authority, as strange girls use to come up to me in high school and tell me my brother was hot…no joke).

well, my ridiculously talented baby bro went and got himself a job as a badass songwriter. he is also finishing up his first record, too. (see? wildly successful.) so i decided to give him his “first” platinum record…made of fluffy fleece!

the “record” is a gunmetal grey fleece (i had originally planned to use felt, which seems to be the sort of standard material for making plushie versions of real items, but couldn’t find any in a suitable platinum-like color), and the backing is black fleece. i used light silver metallic embroidery thread and antique metallic embroidery floss. it was slow going using the metallic thread and floss, but it wasn’t as difficult as i’d anticipated (after having read so many horror stories of how difficult it’s supposed to be to work with). i honestly believe that i just built it up to be so horrible and difficult in my mind that when i actually started working with it, it was sort of a relief.

i used different combinations of the thread and floss (e.g. two threads of each, or one light silver thread and two antique threads, etc.) for the different concentric rings on the record to give the “grooves” variation. i also used the metallic floss to create the “plaque” at the bottom. and while you can’t really tell in the picture, the metallic thread and floss really gives the matte gunmetal grey fleece a good shiny effect. ( i had considered using a “shiny” metallic fabric instead of fleece with metallic thread, but i’m glad i didn’t.)

it was originally intended to read: “presented to bryan ellis to commemorate how awesome he is”…but i had a very difficult time trying to embroider text on the black fleece because i couldn’t find a good way to transfer or stabilize the text. so it’s all freehand work, and it’s all kinda wonky. (the record “grooves” are all kinda wonky for the same reason. no ruler in my house means i have to freehand all the measurements. yikes.)

the whole thing is just hot-glued into the frame. it wasn’t supposed to be, but i’m dumb and forgot that all of the embroidery would sort of shrink the fabric i was working with. so while it was originally cut to the same measurements as the frame, it shrunk down a good inch or so on each side, and had to be stretched and glued down to look right.

it didn’t quite come out the way that i’d wanted, but my brother recognized what it was as soon as he opened it, so i’m not going to complain.

this is what it looked like before i framed it:


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    glendasikes said,

    What a great idea!! That’s cool that you didn’t have too many problems with the metallic floss. Was the fleece itself challenging to stitch on? I had thought about stitching on it at Christmas but was afraid it’d distort in a hoop. Congrats to your brother on finishing up his first record :).

    • 2

      fingerpistol said,

      i know, i was surprised as all crap that i didn’t have more issues with the metallic floss, mainly because i’ve heard so many horror stories. the fleece actually wasn’t terrible to work with. it was just stiff enough that i didn’t need to use a hoop or stabilizer. the only problem was that it bunched up so much in the middle from all the stitching. but, honestly, that was probably my fault because i hadn’t really taken it into account. if i ever make another one, though, i’ll know better. :o)

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