cera’s less bitchy younger sister

embroidered triceratops, originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

behold! my very first embroidery project EVAH!

this little cutie (who, let’s admit it, totally resembles a non-aggro cera from the land before time) was drawn up by my roommate, devin. i made him draw me a page of dinosaurs to embroider, and this is the first one i attempted. friggin’ adorable, right?

dammit, i wish i could draw.

anyways, she’s mostly done in split-stitch and backstitch, with a teensy bit of satin stitch thrown in for good measure. she’s actually purple and orange on green starry fabric, but it’s kind of hard to tell because i have NO PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLZ whatsoever. i actually made this about six or seven months ago, when i first started learning to embroider and cross-stitch, but i am insanely lazy and sans camera cords, so… meh.

must embroider more dinos…


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