carved in wood

embroidered initials woodcarving, originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

this was the first christmas present i completed this year. (oddly, it’s also the last one to get where it’s going. i forgot to mail the damned thing on time. but they’re getting homemade gingerbread cookies to make up for it, so lucky them.)

the original idea was just to embroider the initials inside a heart, but it just seemed kind of boring that way. so then i went dumb and decided to embroider woodgrain behind the “carving” to really give the impression that it’s carved into a tree. that was about the most fun i could have had (without actually having any).

i don’t know what i was thinking with the satin stitch (the “carving” is just a few rows of backstitch offset next to each other to create a jagged effect, while the woodgrain is satin stitch), but it SUCKED. whenever i moved the fabric in the hoop, my satin stitching would go super wonky. so i ended up pulling most of it out and redoing it all until i liked the way it sat.

it looks badass now, but some fairly harsh words were exchanged periodically until it was finished. the back isn’t fancy (i got lazy and frustrated and just hot-glued some matching fabric over the back of the hoop), but at least it’s done.

i wish i could have gotten a better picture, especially a close up, because it looks pretty cool up close. not that this crappy super-blurry and washed-out picture isn’t great, too. (gah.)


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