actual size

this wall is actual size, originally uploaded by fingerpistol.

this is just a quick little cross-stitch i whipped up for my new boss. just before everybody headed home for the holidays on wednesday, we were sitting around in my office talking about nothing. i have no idea how it came up, but my boss said something about how she has an empty wall in her office, and she was thinking about just putting up a little sign that said, “this wall is actual size”. well, i thought that was hilarious, and promised that i would make her the smallest sign i could.

so i did!  i used a little bit of graph paper to figure out how to make the letters tiny but readable, then used the smallest hoop i had (about two inches across, round) to stitch it up in. all i had were the little brown rubbery woodgrain hoops, and i couldn’t find any plain-colored aida cloth (like white, cream, or black), so i used brown floss on light blue fabric to try and keep it matchy.

it only took me twenty minutes or so to stitch, and she thought it was funny, so i’m pleased with it. (terrible picture is my fault. i suck.)


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