finishing move

i finished my mama’s christmas present. so MEH! take that, universe.

i blatantly stole the idea from katie.cupcake. amusingly, i have done my own version of both projects she has there, and both are intended as christmas presents. the embroidered note i found on flickr ages ago, and i’ve just been looking for an excuse to use it (thanks, mama). but i have also made a woodcarving embroidery of initals for my dad and his wife. i’m a little butt-hurt that she apparently came up with it waaaaay before i did (gah!), but mine’s different enough that i don’t feel like a copycat. so go me, heh.

i have to say, i’m pretty pleased with it. i used press’n seal as a transfer medium/stabilizer, and it was AWESOME…right up until i needed to pull it off. i thought it’d come off wicked easy, considering how many stitches i’d put through the damn thing, which i assumed would work as a sort of half-ass perforation. but uh…yeah, not so much. actually made it waaaaaay harder to get off. i had to pick it off piece by piece with my tiny scissors and my needle. peeling out the bits between the letters was especially fun (read: i wanted to kill myself).

but whatever, it kept my lines straight and the fabric clean. i’ll take pictures later this evening, hopefully. not i just have to start working on my brother’s prezzie. on a good/bad note, my brother’s flight got wicked delayed. half-good because i now have three, almost four extra days to work on his present uninterrupted. half-bad because dammit, i want to see my little brother NOW!



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