i’m a genius when i’m high

so you know how there’s always that one person in your life that you just freaking can NOT figure out what the hell to give them for christmas?

my brother is one such person. if he wants something, he buys it. unless, of course, he can’t afford it (which means there’s no way in hell i can, either). hmm…difficulties…

so whenever december pops around (lucky me, christmas and his birthday in one month…wooo), i stress about what to give him. this particular year has been giving me heart palpitations because i don’t even have the (usually preferable) option of letting him pick his own present (like with a giftcard or a visa cash card or something). i love my brother into teeny tiny pieces measured in the millions, and i swear i know him better than just about anyone else in this world, but what the hell am i supposed to make the guy for christmas?!

then, last night, as i was enjoying a leisurely evening amongst drunken friends (while we watched a crazy season-ending episode of dexter), i finally figured out what i’m going to make him!

HA! take that, stupid brain that never wants to think of things when i want it to! (seriously. if i need a specific word or recipe or phrase, my brain thinks it’s hilarious to just stop all functions and watch me sputter…not cool, brain. not cool.)

i don’t want to ruin everything by sputtering my idea all over the place immediately, because i have a rancid tendency of totally jinxing myself, but i am quite pleased with my idea. and for once, i’m pretty sure he’s actually going to LOVE it. now i just have to figure out hoooooow to make it. huh.

anyways, work is slow, so i’m working on one of my mom’s two gifts (both embroidery pieces based on her favorite children’s books, which she will also receive). what i NEED to do is get some damned pictures taken and post them up so i feel like a real, live, honest-to-goodness crafty blogger. until then, i’m really just all talk, aren’t i? (and lots of it, too. meh.)

back to work now!


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