going for broke

for christmas this year, i asked santa for a job. oddly, he acquiesced just this once (albeit after nearly nine months of waiting, the lazy fucker). the only downside is that i won’t actually receive my first paycheck until after christmas. so, for the first time in nearly fifteen years, i am forced once more to craft all of my christmas presents. (insert horrified shriek here.)

i have, as a direct result, been learning how to cross-stitch, embroider, loom-knit, screenprint, and sew. so far, i have one item completed out of about fifteen. yeah, no way in hell they’re all getting done in time. luckily for me, only three of them actually have to be completed by christmas. the rest are for my dumbass friends (all dudes in their mid-to-late twenties), who couldn’t care less when they get their gifts, so long as they get gifts. (boys are so easy to please.)

aaanyways, since i’ve finally managed to get off my lazy ass and start crafting (something i’ve been meaning to do since i hit some strange domesticity phase a couple of years ago when i started baking for, and cleaning up after, my ridiculous male roommates), i figure i might as well satisfy my own selfish desire for attention by posting my (very slooooooow) progress online. that way, i can keep track of all the weird shit i make, even if i’m dumb enough to give it all away.



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